Hobbies: Knitting
Likes: Her husband, Kain
Dislikes: Bitter things, alcohol

An innocent and kind-hearted airhead. She always tries her best, but is quite clumsy and usually ends up causing more harm than good. It’s not uncommon for people to take advantage of her either.

She’s very open-minded and loves looking after people. She also has a strong sense of responsibility, and once she has accepted a job, she’ll do everything in her ability to complete it.

She’s childhood friends with Kain, who she loves dearly, and has made sure to save her virginity for him. However…


Hobbies: Messing with Kain and his wife
Likes: Kain
Dislikes: Demons

A lively catgirl. She has a very upfront personality, and usually says the first thing that comes to her mind. Even though Kain has married Leanna, she’s still madly in love with him. She continues working with him while doing her best to keep her feelings hidden.


Hobbies: Training his body
Likes: Doing maintenance on weapons, reading
Hates: Bitter things

An honest and sincere young man. He’s very sociable and cheerful, making him loved by everyone around him. He knows how to use a blade, and is quite skilled at combat as well. Together with his partner, Nia, he battles the demons who frequently appear near the village, putting his life on the line for the sake of the villagers, and most importantly, Leanna.

Though he might seem like a strong and well-put-together person on the surface, deep down he’s really shy and has trouble making moves on women. He doesn’t realize that a lot of them find that quality to be quite attractive.

Other women have tried to approach him in the past, but his heart has always belonged to Leanna.


Hobbies: Collecting adult books
Likes: Sexy women
Dislikes: Women who don’t obey him

Kain’s father. Loves to sexually harass women. Not a second passes that he isn’t thinking about sex, a fact that’s very evident after taking a look at his face. Though he pretends to be kind towards women, his true intentions are very obvious, resulting in quite the negative reputation amongst the villagers.

He often approaches Leanna with those intentions as well, but being the airhead that she is, she’s seemingly immune to his harassment, leaving Gerald a little dumbfounded.


Hobbies: Learning more about women’s bodies
Likes: Leanna
Dislikes: Studying

Kain’s half-brother. Loves playing pranks on people, especially ones against women that have a certain aura of sexual intrigue to them. He uses his appearance to trick women into approaching him and then touches their breasts to his liking.

His mind is constantly filled with dirty thoughts, mostly on how to get laid. The moment Filio learned that his brother had married Leanna and he’d be living under the same roof as her, he set his mind on one day having sex with her.


Hobbies: Eating women
Like: Submissive women
Dislikes: Stubborn women

A brave young man who risks his life to save people. Or that’s how he’d first seem. However, he’s actually a complete womanizer, an unabashed scumbag who’ll do anything to get the girl he wants. He’s known to fake injuries in order to trick people into feeling sympathy for him, allowing him to take advantage of them. He always puts on the appearance of a gentleman, even when interacting with other men.