Lunarie El Blanca (Luna)

A young knight who was said to be the "devil child". The heroine of this story and a pure-hearted young woman. She seems to be the descendant of an extraordinary bloodline.

Cless Gretchen

A mysterious priestess who Luna met during her adventures.

*Also appears in the previous game Lilipalace*


A voluptuous commoner who is also a huge pervert. There's more to her than what's on the surface.

Jill Grants

The princess of Grants Kingdom. Known Luna since her childhood, and is the one whom Luna has sworn loyalty to. She was kidnapped by a group of bandits while out on an expedition.

Rahad Al Mazaf

Commander of the Grants Knight Brigade. The man who both raised Luna and trained her into a knight. He is both a father and a mentor in Luna's eyes.