Princess Eris

Princess Eris, only daughter of the King of Hilbernia. Life among the royal courts is all she has ever known, but she has flourished in her studies and has a deep love for her people.

Willful but sheltered, crafty but inexperienced: how will she fare following the devastation of her homeland and the newfound dangers that brings as she strives to take her country back?

Princess Letina

The First Princess of the Arclight Kingdom, and General of its armies. She has gained a formidable reputation after her heroism in earlier adventures. Strong-willed yet fair, she serves her country as the ‘Princess-General’.

Princess Rifina

The beautiful and serene Second Princess of the Arclight Kingdom, widely known as the ‘Sheltered Beauty’. Sisters with Princess Letina, but more at home with ballrooms than with battlefields. Captured by the Empire, her circumstances are unknown…


The only daughter of Count O’Brian, she grew up amongst the Hilbernian Nobility right alongside Eris. With her father dead, and her lands lost, she is uniquely vulnerable in this new order the Imperials have wrought. Her current whereabouts are unknown…


The First Prince Neidhardt, commander of the First Imperial Army. Known throughout the lands as the ‘Mad Prince’, he is a dangerous and exceptionally antagonistic man with dreams of domination. Invaded the country of Hilbernia with his Four Generals for reasons unknown.


Second Imperial Princess, and Neidhardt’s younger sister, she too has earned her place among the Four Generals. A master spear-wielder as well as Imperial Knight, she adores her brother and has committed herself to his cause. Her devotion to duty has left her ignorant of the ways of the world, but with ample curiosity…


One of the Empire’s Four Generals. A strong mage and conjurer who’s cunning, competent, and good-looking. Made all the more dangerous because she knows just how to use all her best assets.


Chief Advisor to Prince Neidhardt, and foremost tactician among the Four Generals. He is renowned for his stratagems.