Makihara Yukino

The President who can't refuse requests.

Hobbies: Collecting cat-themed accessories, working out.
Likes: Cute things, books, her boyfriend Souji
Dislikes: Violence, bugs

A weak and timid girl who just can’t say NO to requests. She has a strong sense of responsibility and believes you should finish what you start. She gets frustrated when she screws up important things due to being a scatterbrain. Why do I have to have such bad luck!? Is what she thinks when something unfortunate befalls her. She’s very interested in lewd things, and her body seems perfect for such tasks. She masturbates regularly. The mole atop her breast is her charm point.

Takanashi Souji

A charming and studious young man.

Hobbies: Reading, photography
Likes: Going out and taking photographs
Dislikes: People who act on emotion without thinking things through.

A bright and friendly young man. Calm and collected, his classmates are surprised he’s the same age as them. He loves taking photographs. But when he goes outside to take pictures, his mood changes and he becomes surprisingly aggressive. His dream is to become a doctor in the near future. Now that he’s started going out with Yukino, he wants to make a happy family. He’s interested in lewd things, but tries not to think about it. He browses online forums daily, reading about the experiences other couples have.

Makihara Youichi

Yukino's uncle who can't hide his perverted nature.

Hobbies: Collecting adult videos
Likes: Lewd and perverted things
Dislikes: Anyone bringing misfortune to Yukino

Yukino’s kind uncle who has taken an interest in her since she was young. He graciously allowed Yukino to stay with him while she continued with her studies in the city. There’s usually no issues with them living together, though he does look at her with lewd eyes from time to time. He’s been staring at her like that a lot more as of late. His love for adult videos is so great that his room is overflowing with them. Sometimes while he enjoys his videos, one of his earphones will fall off, but even as the sound echoes loudly throughout the house, he doesn’t notice.

Kizaki Shuuhei

Yukino's childhood friend who lives next door to Souji.

Hobbies: Training his body, having sex with women
Likes: Resorting to violence, brawling
Dislikes: Not getting his way and getting what he wants right away.

A rough and scummy guy who happens to be Yukino’s childhood friend. Unlike Yukino, he goes to a rather low-end school. He’s short-tempered and hates not having his way and not getting what he wants. Played sexual pranks on Yukino when they were younger. They’ve been apart long enough for them to forget about that. Seeing Yukino walking around and having fun with a guy, he’s decided to take a shot at her.