The only things the hero of our story loves more than adventuring are his little sisters! He insists that every cute girl he comes across refers to him as “big brother.” His perversion seemingly knows no bounds; not even monsters are safe from his advances. Don’t let his antics fool you though, because his skill with the sword is the real deal.


Aidelle doesn’t join the rest of the party on the frontline, instead opting to play a supporting role back at camp. She keeps the party in top fighting shape with her hospitality, cooking, potion-crafting, and more. Although she can be a bit tough on big bro, deep down she truly cares for him.


Cheerful and optimistic, Kodachi is always there to brighten the adventure. Her and big bro have been adventuring partners for some time now and as such, she’s developed something of an immunity to his perverted ways. She loves swords more than anything, and she’s constantly thinking about how she can become stronger.


A selfless but inexperienced medic who decided to become an adventurer to help people. Her biggest worry is that she’s being a burden on others, so she always tries to put her all into everything she does. Medina is trusting to a fault and tends to take everything that big bro says at face value.


A hunter with a wide array of skills, Amy truly is a jack-of-all-trades. She decides to join up with the party after work around the camp begins to dry up. Ironically, she prefers to live a safe, simple life, and never intended to get swept up in things like epic adventures. Despite this, she always manages to be a valuable asset to the party.


Aegis is a knight on a quest to aid the weak. A natural airhead with no sense of direction, she could probably even manage to get lost on her way to the toilet. How this compact girl manages to maneuver in her bulky armor while hoisting her massive shields like it’s nothing is a complete mystery. In adventuring with big bro and the others, she hopes to attain honor and righteousness.


Melody is a bright and sunny troubadour who shines like a star when she sings. She seems to be aiming to become something called an “idol,” but isn’t quite sure how to make a name for herself. She hopes that by adventuring with the party, she’ll discover her road to stardom along the way.


This girl perhaps isn’t what most people expect when they imagine a witch. Rather than slinging fireballs at her foes, Mana fights instead by using hexes and manipulating energy. Dealing with the arcane is Mana’s specialty, and this profound knowledge never fails to steer the party in the right direction.