Optimistic Treasure Hunter

Hobbies: Sight-seeing, eating local specialties
Likes: Delicious food, money
Dislikes: Bad food, difficult conversations

An incredibly bright and energetic girl who also happens to be a bit of an idiot. She’s an optimist but struggles to comprehend anything too complex. Full of curiosity, she’s the type that has good intuition and will do all sorts of work happily. Of course, no matter how enthusiastic she is, she’s still a klutz who screws up while working. She lives like a leaf on the wind, bouncing from one place to another, freely enjoying her life as an adventurer. However, she has a strong sense of responsibility, and won’t give up once she’s taken a job. Due to her love of money, she tends to shy away from jobs that don’t pay in cash.


Queen of Misfortune

Hobbies: Collecting cat merchandise, working out
Likes: Cute things, books
Dislikes: Violence, bugs

She was somehow summoned from the modern world where she was a class rep. She’s perennially shy and can be a bit scatterbrained. The type of person that just can’t come out and say what she really means. Despite this, she’s an earnest girl with a strong sense of justice. A girl plagued with bad luck, she always seems to end up in some kind of trouble. Whether this world or her original one, isn’t it a bit absurd that her innate bad luck just won’t give her a break!? The mole on her chest is her charm point.


Eccentric Catgirl

Hobbies: Walking, collecting beautiful things
Likes: Jewelry, catnip
Dislikes: Snakes, being stuck in one place

A perpetually upbeat girl who is also an idiot. Regardless of how bad things are, she’ll always look on the bright side. Her charming points are her cat ears. A slave to her desire, if something interests her she’ll pursue it with everything she has. Because she always says what’s on her mind, she often ends up in some sort of trouble. She loves being free, walking, and collecting things she finds to be beautiful. She’s light on her feet and takes pride in her speed.  She’d rather not work, but due to certain circumstances, she’s doing so to collect money.


Descendent of the Dragons

Hobbies: Training, collecting stuffed animals
Likes: Cute things (tries to hide it), sweet snacks/candy
Dislikes: Clever people, spiders

A cool elder sister type who is very serious. Or so it seems, in truth, she’s totally unreliable. As a result, that serious nature sometimes backfires on her. She’s incredibly strong, but because she always screws up, people look at her as the unreliable big sis? Has a shy and honest side to her that she tries to hide from others, as she’s scared they’ll find out about her cute side. Her clothes leave little to the imagination, but she wears them despite being easily embarrassed. She’s proud to be the descendant of a Fire Dragon.


Bandit/Thieves Leader

Hobbies: Assaulting women, stealing
Likes: Reluctant women, money
Dislikes: Women with boring reactions

BEER! MONEY! WOMEN! He’s the effeminate leader of the thieves. He takes it all through brute force. At the same time, he’s clever and never stays put, confounding the town’s vigilantes. He’s incredibly muscular. He’ll try to weaken his opponents before fighting them. If someone insults his effeminate nature, he’ll go absolutely berserk.


Handsome and Talented Adventurer

Hobbies: Sports, working out
Likes: Delicious food, justice
Dislikes: Evil

A good, earnest, and hot-blooded young man. Jokes go over his head, but every once in a while, he’ll throw out a terrible one of his own. Because he doesn’t want to sound like he’s bragging, he can seem timid when he talks. He’s not a bad guy, but he can be a bit too passionate, and thus can come off as annoying. His wish is to marry a kind woman.


The Island's Greatest Merchant

Hobbies: Gathering all the money he sees, fucking women
Likes: Golden things, women’s bodies
Dislikes: Bugs, thieves

A stereotypical rich old man. Everything he owns was acquired with the power of a magic stone that he dug up, and has since made him fabulously wealthy. Money talks and he uses it to buy women to so he can have his way with them. He feels that there’s nothing that he can’t obtain, and as such, is willing to go to any lengths to get what he wants. He’s aware that there are plenty of people who’d love to get there hands on his wealth, so he always has a guard with him.


Sharp-tongued Half-human Half-Demon

Hobbies: Reading
Likes: Collecting books, pranks
Dislikes: Boring people, people that don’t get jokes

Despite the gloomy feel she gives off, she has a sharp-tongue and will gleefully pull pranks on people. She has a mysterious air about her, and it seems she has some kind of secret. She’s fully aware of her appearance, and her seemingly gloomy nature helps to deceive people so they fall for her traps. She started reading to highlight her gloominess, but discovered that learning new things was enjoyable, so now she’s grown to love it. She has a tendency to be lazy, but thanks to specializing in using demons, she’s able to enjoy her days with no worries. She’s also rumored to be hundreds of years old.


Easy-going Guide

Hobbies: Erotic things, cooking
Likes: Sexy men
Dislikes: Passive men

A gentle and compassionate big sister type. She gives out quests at the Quest Counter. Loves dirty jokes and has a tendency to throw them into casual conversations. Loves manly men, and wishes that all herbivore men would just die. Despite her gentle nature, she is strict when she needs to be, and is terrifying when angry. Lately, she’s gotten addicted to manga brought over from an eastern land. Specifically, those in the boy’s love genre.


Devil Boy Living on the Island

Hobbies: Observing living things, sexually harassing people
Likes: Women’s bodies
Dislikes: Men’s bodies

A cheeky boy with boundless energy. He loves to sexually harass women, and takes advantage of his appearance to do so. His cocky nature means he hates to lose, and as such he finds himself at odds with Claire. (This is also why he acts so innocent around her.) Has excellent reflexes and was born with magic power and agility, he specializes in tricking his opponents in battle. Since he started living on the island, he has joined the competition in an effort to find the treasure, all for the sake of his ambition (obtaining a harem). There are also rumors of his actual age being beyond centuries.